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I’m Lucas Bennett, a seasoned event and celebrity photographer with over 15 years of experience capturing the ephemeral moments that define the entertainment world.

Based in the heart of the film industry, I specialize in bringing the vibrant atmosphere of film festivals, especially Cannes, to life through my lens. From the allure of the red carpet to the candid joy of after-parties, my photography tells the story of Cannes in vivid detail.

Services Offered

  • Red Carpet Photography : Experience the glamor of Cannes through stunning photographs that capture the essence of each moment, from breathtaking gowns to the expressions of the stars.
  • Event Coverage : Get comprehensive visual coverage of press conferences, screenings, and exclusive parties, ensuring every significant moment is immortalized.
  • Celebrity Portraits : Offering private portrait sessions for talent attending the festival, creating timeless images that reflect the personality and essence of the subject.
  • After-Party Snapshots : Dive into the heart of Cannes’ nightlife with vibrant, energetic photos of the most sought after parties and gatherings.

Why Choose Me for Your Cannes Experience?
My approach to photography at Cannes is not just about capturing images but about telling a story. Each photo is a testament to the magic and allure of cinema that Cannes represents. With my extensive experience and a keen eye for the perfect shot, I ensure that the essence of every event, big or small, is captured with elegance and creativity.

Past Collaborations
I have had the privilege of working with various prestigious publications, film studios, and individual clients, providing them with exclusive content that captures the spirit of Cannes. My work has been featured in top entertainment magazines, on the official Cannes Film Festival website, and in promotional materials for award-winning films.

I will be available in Cannes from May 14th to May 25th, offering my photography services throughout the festival. Early booking is recommended to ensure availability for your event or personal photography needs.

Let’s Connect
Are you looking for dynamic and captivating photographic content from the Cannes Film Festival? Whether for editorial use, personal branding, or capturing the essence of your event, I’m here to bring your vision to life. Reach out to me on this platform to discuss your project and how we can create unforgettable images together.

For any inquiries or to book a session, don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s make this Cannes Film Festival truly memorable with photographs that speak louder than words.


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