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Your Make Up Artist for Cannes Film Festival


At the Cannes Celebrity Glamour Studio, I, Angela, offer an exclusive makeup service through Linkoby during the Cannes Film Festival. Located conveniently near the Palais des Festivals, my pop-up studio provides premium makeup sessions for actors, directors, journalists, and other industry professionals attending the festival.


Service Details:

  • VIP Makeup: Personalized makeup sessions tailored to the latest beauty trends, designed for red carpet appearances, interviews, and photo shoots.
  • Quick Touch-Ups: I provide touch-up services throughout the day to ensure you look flawless from morning to evening.
  • Style Consultations: Personal advice on image and styling, including recommendations on selecting cosmetics suited for various lighting and camera work.
  • Special Packages: I offer packages ranging from express makeovers for press conferences to complete transformations for gala evenings.


  • Professional Expertise: Trust in my experience as a makeup artist who regularly works with celebrities and understands the demands of high-profile events.
  • High-Quality Products: I exclusively use luxury cosmetic products known for their superior quality and long-lasting performance.
  • Comfort and Confidentiality: Enjoy a chic and private space designed for comfort and discretion.
  • Flexible Booking: Easily book your session through Linkoby, with the ability to adjust timings according to your schedule.

This service is perfect for festival attendees who want to stand out and ensure a noticeable presence at one of the most prestigious film events in the world. With my Cannes Celebrity Glamour Studio, every client can feel and look like a true movie star.

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